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Teen Titans Last Icon Maker Standing Contest
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Welcome to Titan_LIMS, the first and only Last Icon Maker Standing icon challenge for "Teen Titans"!
This is another one of those LJ icon challenge communities. We are an intense icon challenge community in which members submit and vote on icons each week until only one is left! These rules are based largely on those from anime_lims

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Every community has rules, and this one is no different.

1. ONLY TEEN TITANS ICONS WILL BE ACCEPTED! If you haven't gathered that by now, I think a new brain is in order.

1a. We are not an icon advertising community! If you want to show off the new icons you just made, take it to titan_graphics please and thank you.

2. You must be a member to apply! If you only plan to watch or vote, please don't join -- just friend the community, thanks.

2a. You will NOT be given posting access. You don't need it, don't ask for it.

3. If you unjoin at any time, or delete your journal, you WILL be disqualified. If you change journals during the competition, please let a mod know in a comment to a recent entry. We will make a note of it, and you can continue to submit

4. We will not begin until we have at least thirty [30] participants. Please advertise for us ♥

5. ALL ICONS MUST FIT LJ STANDARDS! Nothing over 40kb, nothing over 100x100 pixels. Going over will get you and your icon disqualified.

5a. YOU MAY NOT POST YOUR ICON ANYWHERE UNTIL THE SPECIFIC CHALLENGE IS OVER! Doing so will (you guessed it!) get you disqualified

6. Don't be a sore loser. This may be LJ, but no one wants to deal with your bitching.

7. Each participant will get one to two skips per challenge (depending upon the number of participants in the overall challenge). This means if you can't get your icon in on time, or something happened and you'll be gone, or you just don't want to participate that week, you can comment on the submission entry with "skip." You will only be able to use your skips before there are 10 or less participants, and unlike cell phone minutes, they don't roll over to the next challenge. You don't have to use them if you don't want, but remember they're there, so you have no excuse not to submit or at least let us know you won't be in that particular week.

8. Specific challenge rules will be included with each submission, so please pay attention and use that reading comprehension I know you learned in school.

9. If you experience any problems, please contact a mod -- we're here to help, not just sit there glaring menacingly, promise :)

We will be operating under Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5). Unlike some of my other icontests, I'm going to be a real cunt about time, so pay attention!

Sunday: A new theme is posted and submissions are accepted.
Thursday: Voting will go up. You have until 9PM to get your icons in.
Saturday: Voting ends and winners are posted. You may vote at any time from the time the voting goes up until 9PM Saturday. NO LATE VOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED!

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sociologique: creator, mod ichiban
karoru: mod niban

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